TUESDAY...6:30-7:30 pm - Level 1 for New Students   **NO CLASS SUMMER CLASSES - RESUMES IN SEPTEMBER

TUESDAY...7:30-8:30 pm - Level 2/Performance Class by invitation of instructor only. 

Tuition: $45 per month (4 classes) for both Level 1 & 2.
Instructor: Deb Wood

Review Arts Fifth Avenue

Did you know Burlesque enjoyed immense popularity in Canada, Europe& the US in the 1840's? It featured skimpy costuming, suggestive dialog & dance, witty remarks that were easy to laugh, easy to follow entertaining skits...and was considered classy! Almost 100 years later, Burlesque went underground in New York City. It prospered there for years, even though it was in the midst of the Great Depression.
By 1937, 7 major Broadway Theatres had been transformed into Burlesque houses but later that year, New York started to crack down on the Burlesque houses and eventually shut them down; it took ten years for Burlesque to regains its respect. In 1940, after America's entry into WWII, Burlesque had a rebirth and through the next thirty years, Burlesque houses went through many up and downs.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Burlesque is once again enjoying a resurgence of interest - so join us in a celebration of a century-plus old art form that is a little naughty, a little nice, and totally entertaining!