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Photography has become much more accessible with SMARTPHONES!
They give all of us new ways to experiment and to think critically and creatively about what we see.

So let's go on a photo scavenger hunt!

Make a list and photograph things like...

  • ​Angels
  • Shapes
  • Perspectives (the view of a tree when lying beneath it or the view of the ground from the point of view of a bird)
  • ​Colors (different colors or your favorite color when you come across it... shades of it)
  • ​Something with legs
  • Something with wavy lines
  • Something tall
  • ​Something that seems out-of-place
  • ​Patterns in nature
  • Something beautiful
  • Angles in architecture
  • Signs
  • Interesting people and scenes
  • ​Things that make you happy
  • ​Things that make you wonder...

Painted Rocks

Photography Art Project

Been getting bored at home?  Well, our lovely Art teacher, Donna, has found some excellent and fun art activities for the whole family!  Go on a photographer scavenger hunt, add some painted rocks to your garden, or experience the joy of color with paper projects at home!  

The Painted Rocks can be a fun hide-and-seek game in your neighborhood or an original way to decorate a room!

The game is simple... paint some rocks with bright and beautiful colors and hide them around your neighborhood.  Whoever finds the rock can either take it home or re-hide it.  Will your rocks move?

​Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • Rocks (smooth rocks can be found by flowing water, or the family can have fun digging up rocks in the backyard).
  • Multi-Surface paint for the primary coloring.
  • Acrylic paint for embellishments.
  • ​Paint brushes.
  • Clear paint sealer (optional)

How you do it:

  1. ​Wash the dirt off and let dry.
  2. ​Paint one side with the main coloring and let dry. Flip it and paint the other side and let dry.
  3. ​Use the acrylic paint to add designs, flowers, messages, or whatever you want!
  4. ​Once dry, you spray/brush the rock with the clear paint sealer. This protects the paint from washing off in the rain!
  5. Decorate your house, or hide them all over the neighborhood! 




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Enjoy the Arts at Home!

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