BALLROOM DANCE with Dennis O'Neill

Wednesday...7:00-8:00 pm
Drop-In: $15 person, $25 per couple

By the month(4 classes): $40 per person, $60 per couple

Or call 817-923-9500 to reserve your place in class.


Want to Tango...Waltz....Foxtrot...Rumba? Let Dennis  teach you the basics of Ballroom Dance in the relaxed atmosphere of Arts Fifth Avenue.

About Dennis:

Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, with the project, Bail Out. Dennis is also a singer, ballroom/latin dancer. He has lived in Italy and studied operatic singing. In December 2016, Dennis fulfilled a life-long dream by completeing his education and graduating with his

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.

"I enjoy watching classic films, working my craft and I have a passion for life. I love dancing, singing and the creative life. I read books only that interest me. I have no time to build a library of what everyone else is reading, only a library of interest. I have an insatiable affection for animals, love my life and I'm at peace with myself."