Melinda Wood Allen
Holiday Concert
Friday/December 4

A 5th of Christmas
Saturday/December 5

Christmas  Pin-Up
A Naughty Christmas
Burlesque Revue
Sunday/Christmas 13

Blue Snowman
Saturday/December 19
Live Music & Tap Dance

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Gracey Tune Peggy Bott-Kirby Dena B. Phillips
April Gaines Harris Kirby Dale Luna
  Chris White  

Gracey   Gracey Tune, Founder & Artistic Director
Gracey Tune is one of only a handful of internationally recognized women exhibiting extraordinary talent in the field of tap dancing. A recipient of the Outstanding Woman in the Arts Award from the city of Fort Worth, Gracey was inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame by Gov. Ann Richards in 1983. Recently, the Dance Council Inc. of North Texas honored her with the inaugural Texas Tap Legends Award in 2005. She is a frequent guest artist at major events in the world of tap. She provided choreography for the productions of “Steppin’ Out” and “My One and Only” on Broadway; performed with and produced shows for tap legends Cholly Atkins, Savion Glover, Sarah Petronio, Ron Young and her internationally recognized brother, Tommy Tune; and continues to teach and perform at Arts Fifth Avenue.
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Margaret   Peggy Bott Kirby
Ukulele/Vocal Chorus & Theatre

A dynamic singer, actress and musical director, Peggy has her BFA in Music from the University of Tulsa. She is a founding member/performer of Hip Pocket Theatre. She is recognized locally for conducting workshops for Imagination Celebration, the Fort Worth Independent School District and the "I Have A Dream" Foundation. Peggy has been activein the Hip Pocket Theatre's outreach programs at Cook Children's and John Peter Smith Hospital and is currently working to establish and implement AFA's outreach program in assisted living and senior facilities in our neighborhood.
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April Gaines- Tap
A consummate tap artist, April holds a BS in Eucation from the University of Texas. She worked in the public and private school system for many years. April has taght Tap at Arts Fifth Avenue for four years and is a member of the Legacy Tap Project and LaFeet Tap Ensemble. She continues her tap education with master classes sponsored by Legacy Tap Project, the Rythym Junkies, and the Tapestry Dance Company.

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  Harris Kirby - Mandolin & Ukulele
As a wee lad, Harris listened to his older brother’s band rehearse. He learned to play mandolin and guitar in his teens and began accompanying fiddle players in south Texas. Harris has played in country bands and garage bands and enjoys many types of music from folk to classical.
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Dale Luna - TAP
Dale's background is primarily in ballet and he has over fifteen years of study and performance experience with Margo Dean and is a lifetime member of Ballet Concerto. TAP came into Dale's life by accident. While taking class from Gracey, she needed to take a leave of absence and she asked Dale to teach her classes...the rest is history. Dale has studied with Tex Clyde, Gracey Tune and French Tap Master, Sarah Petronio. Dale enjoys all styles of Music and believes "Dance Keeps You Young.

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  Dena Brinkley Phillips - Zumba
Dena is a certified Zumba instructor and has been involved with fitness for more than 25 years. She taught the first low-impact aerobics classes in Fort Worth at Westside Workout, where she taught for 15 years. So, what is Zumba? Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness and interval training to maximize caloric output, fat-burning, and body toning and IT IS FUN! You don’t have to know how to dance to do Zumba. It creates a party-like atmosphere with a fusion of Latin and international music dance themes, creating a dynamic, exciting, effective system of fitness.
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Chris White - Upright Bass, Flute, Trumpet
Chris started playing trumpet in Park Forest Illinois School System in 1966. Holds a degree in Music Education from Drury College , Springfield Missouri. Toured playing French Horn, Flute & Bass. He teaches Middle School Orchestra for FWISD. He performs locally with with Johnny Case and has played at Jubilee Theatre, and area Jazz clubs. Chris enjoys long walks

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